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There are 3 tabs for the Rule Guidelines, please select the tab you would like to learn more about: Rules Governing Play, Golf Tournament Rules and Putting Contest Rules. We are excited for the tournament and thank you for learning about all of our events and plans for the day!

    Gold Tees – Optional for anyone 65 and older; White Tees – Men; Red Tees – Ladies.
  • Each player will hit a tee shot on each hole. Select the best shot, and all players will play again from that position. Continue in this manner until the ball is holed. Each player’s drive must be used at least two times during round.
  • All putts must be played. No gimmes. A golf ball must be holed on each hole to make the score official. Bogey is your friend. If you miss your opportunity at par, pick up your golf ball, mark a bogey on your card, and move on.
  • Ball may be played up and moved one club length, no closer to the hole. However, the general condition of the shot may not be changed, e.g., a ball resting in a hazard must still be played from a hazard, same for bunkers, roughs, etc.
  • Record the score in the Golf Genius app to be eligible for team competition. Download it from the App Store or Google Play.  GGID code = COR2019.
  • No mulligans. Keep the pace of play moving and keep up with the foursome in front of you.


  • Please be courteous to your fellow players at all times. Remember this is a fund raising event and a time for fellowship.
  • Please replace all divots with sand provided in each cart.
  • Please repair all ball marks on greens.
  • Follow all club rules regarding usage of carts, cart paths, and entering and exiting the rough area. The club has a 90 degree cart rule, weather permitting.
  • For all par 3 holes, carts on path only.

Three stations with three holes at each:
• Short Length • Medium Length • Long Length

Each player starts with a bag of ten balls at one of the three short holes. After making the short putt proceed with your remaining bag of balls to the medium hole. After making the medium putt proceed to the long holes with any balls remaining in your bag. Make as many balls as you’d like on the long putt. Then register the number of balls you made at the long putt to the volunteer in charge. You may try again for an additional $10. Join us at the end of the round for the “putt off.” Whoever holes out or is the closest to the pin wins.